Start a U3A

Starting and running a U3A in South Australia is rewarding experience both personally and for your community. Begin by going to Contact Us where you will get information, advice and ongoing support. You will also find useful tips about starting a U3A in our fact sheet and seeding money may be available to cover initial expenses. A critical step to establishing a thriving U3A is to learn about the organisation. Familiarise yourself with the material available on this website and research the network here in South Australia and nationally. A public meeting is usually held in the early stages of establishing a U3A to gauge community interest and willingness to be involved in the project. A representative from U3A South Australia can attend to provide support, guidance and help launch the project. Publicity at this stage is vital to ensure awareness and participation. Once key positions such as president, secretary, treasurer and committee members are filled you are well on your way to starting a successful U3A. Remember that the staff of U3A South Australia are always available to provide assistance.