Staying active:-
mentally, physically and socially

U3A is a wonderful way to meet new
people and share your skills and

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Those who learn will teach and
those who teach will also learn

U3A South Australia promotes active ageing and
ongoing learning for all people no longer working full time.

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Flexible and affordable learning

Get involved with U3A today.
With 19 U3As in South Australia, you'll find one near you.

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Sharing knowledge and
building friendships

We provide retirees with opportunities for
social inclusion and activities for good health.

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Who we are

The U3A movement is a volunteer organisation providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly environment. Our courses are for people over 50 who are no longer in full-time employment.


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Find a U3A near you and benefit from the knowledge, experience and skills of our members. We believe staying active mentally, physically and socially provides better health outcomes for people in active retirement.


Making retirement fun

U3A South Australia believes in learning for pleasure and fun. It provides the opportunity to learn and socialise with like-minded people who enjoy doing new things.

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Latest news

Keep up date with the latest news and events from U3A South Australia here on our website and on social media.